By Nura Abubakar

Kannywood is an industry where stars and legends come in different shapes, sizes and styles with different attitudes, objectives and dreams. We have seen the era of Ibrahim Mandawari who is one of the pioneer actors and featured in the then most popular movies (Home videos) like AMINU MIJIN BOSE, TURMIN DANYA, GIMBIYA FATIMA, AISHA – KIYARDA DANI among others. Likewise in the late 20th and the early 21st centuries kannywood, we have seen the rein of great actors like Sani Musa Danja, Ali Nuhu, Sani Musa Mai Iska among others and still seeing some.
The man whom my writing centered on is Sadiq Ahmad who hails from Kura Local Government Area of Kano State, but grew up in Jos, Plateau State. He schooled in Kura for sometimes and completed his education in Jos. He emanated into the kannywood industry in 2001 where he made his acting debut with FKD Productions’ SO which shot him a limelight in the movie industry. Sadiq Ahmad left the industry after sometimes to make a comeback recently with FISABILILLAHI, MALIKA, ADAMSY etc.

His ability in impersonating the character of cruelty, malicious personality, wickedness, crime and scoundrel gave him a new look in the industry. He always constitutes an important evil agency to his character in a movie.

Sadiq Ahmad is an example of archetypal villain who is always in the antithesis of the hero – that is being bad where the hero is good, selfish where the hero is selfless and harming others where the hero saves them. Being a character with the psychopath villain qualities, there is this lack of emphaty for others in his face and deep down his heart, combined with a cunning that manipulate people in astonishingly callous ways. He may appear to be good right up until the moment of betrayal (making others very difficult and hard to detect or defeat him) after which he shows no remorse at all.

Ahmad Sadiq is an example of a trickster with a mischief character who is not what might first envisage. He often has his own agenda, or a distraction that confused the story or sometimes plays tricks to entertain himself so that he can marvel others. We have seen all these in his characters in the movies like MALIKA, ADAMSY, FISABILILLAHI, WATA HUDU, BASHIN GABA, KALAMU WAHEED, DAN MARAYAN ZAKI, NAFI HAIDAR among others.

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