The entertainment industry is construed to be synonymous with scandals. Everything an actor does will not go amiss by the public eye and a small mistake committed by them might turn out to be a disaster on their careers. Scandals on the side cannot be entirely condemned because there are as many benefits as there are disadvantages. For this reason, some of these actors do it intentionally for the publicity stunts while others do it unintentional.

No one does controversies in Kannywood better than Rahama Sadau these days. Few days ago, I’ve written about Kannywood actresses in this column where I mentioned how scandals and controversies catapulted the actress to the pinnacle of her career. And she’s involved in another one again, when on Saturday, Ali Nuhu’s ‘boys’ showered the actress with abuses on their Instagram pages accusing her of betraying Ali Nuhu despite the fact that he’s her mentor and has been with her right from the pit of her career.

Rumours has been going around that the actress is lately not in good terms with Ali Nuhu because he didn’t cast her in FKD’s next hit movie, Abota. When I turned to Sadau for comment, she told me that this is all a baseless rumour that’s been spread across by mischievous elements just to tarnish her image. She seemed so surprise that I would even care to ask her about it even though I know her loyalty has always been with him. “Come on, Hafsat you too believe in these kinds of rumors? There’s nothing like not in good terms with Ali Nuhu. How is that even possible? Ahh!”

She told me that she equally know about it that day after a colleague called and told her to log on Instagram and see what’s going on. She described it as a planned attack on her person by people who are not happy with her successes.

We could still recall that Sadau is still not officially back on stage which could be a reason she’s not been casted in the film or simply because she doesn’t have a role to play in it. Somebody like Ali Nuhu casting Rahma in a film while there’s a ban on her would bring more shame and disrespect to the industry; which is already infamous for lacking strong authoritative bodies.

Hafsah Lalo is a writer hailed from Jos, Plateau State. She is Currently a student of Information Technology at the Abubakar Tafawa Balewa University Bauchi. You can follow her on twitter: @Grtsunnist

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