10 Reasons Why Kannywood Fans Love Ali Nuhu

1974; Christian Barnard transplants 1st human heart. Lucy an almost complete hominid skeleton of over 3 million years old was discovered in Africa. MRI Scanner was developed. West Germany wins the 1974 World Cup. Yakubu Gowon was the President of Nigeria. The minimum annual wage of N720 giving to Nigerian civil servants was equivalent of $1200. Abuja was a no man’s land. And somewhere in north-east Nigeria, Ali Nuhu was born.
42 years later, and Ali Nuhu Mohammed was no ordinary man. He’s one of the most successful film stars in Africa and the most popular Hausa actor in the world. The King of Kannywood. In celebration of his 42nd Birthday, here’s our list as to why Kannywood fans love him so much.

1. From Sangaya and Wasila to Sai Wata Rana and Lamiraj to Ina Miji Na and Jarumin Maza and many more, Ali Nuhu owned his characters and stole the heart of Kannywood followers with his over the top performances.

2. For his social media presence. With almost 90 thousand followers on twitter, 900 thousand on Facebook and and 162 thousand on instagram, Ali is by far the most interactive Kannywood star on social media.

3. For being a self-made man. “….I have dreamt of it, but had great passion for it, those days when we were miniature we stayed glued to our TV screens, watching movies and you wish to become like who you are seeing on TV, you know *laugh*. I watched a lot of soap series and that was where I got my verdict from.” That’s determination to succeed despite many challenges.

4. For Being a proud Hausa man: Ali Nuhu’s recognition and fame stretches far beyond Nigeria and Africa. His choice of clothing during his first AMAA and Afro-Hollywood awards were testament to how proud he is to come from northern Nigeria.

5. FKD Productions. The Home of Family Entertainers produced fantastic films like Mujadala, Kudiri, Sansani, Gambiza, Dan Baiwa, Fil’azal, Adamsy, Madubin Dubawa, Gamu Nan Dai and more.

6. For Making us fall in love (or not): Love battles, songs, dialogues from films like Sharhi, Abadan Da’iman, Qugiya, Taraliya, Zabari, Sai Wata  Rana, Kaso A So Ka, Ni Dake Mun Dace…. Ali Nuhu has given the die-hard romantics what they desire. The master of love stories.

7. For his help in launching the careers of so many Kannywood stars like Late Ahmad S Nuhu, Adam A Zango, Fati Muhammad, Lawal Ahmad, Sadiq Ahmad, Nafisa Abdullahi, Nazifi Asnanic, Maijidda Ibrahim, Zahradden Sani, Sadiq Sani Sadiq, Maryam Booth, Rahma Sadau, and many more.

8. For bringing out the best in his directors: Most of the best movies we saw from Late Tijjani Ibrahim, Ishaq Sidi Ishaq, Rabi’u Ibrahim, Aminu Saira etc featured Ali Nuhu in them.

9. For making trailers a bearable experience: Take those voice overs out of the equations and perhaps we won’t waste our time watching the trailers again and again.

10. He is a family man: Ali Nuhu is his own love story. His respect, love and care for his wife Maimuna and their children Fatima and Ahmad has kept the family happy for over a decade now. An example.

Happy Birthday Mr Superstar, may you live long and continue to blossom….


Written By: Ibrahim Umar Bello

Email: iubello50@gmail.com

Twitter: @aaramz




Aisha Dan Kano: A Silent Farewell To A Woman With Quiet Grace


          Late Aisha Dan Kano

The sad news of Aisha Dan Kano’s death was met with disbelief from all Kannywood followers that when the news broke, most people were asking whether the actress was involved in a tragic accident. No surprise considering no one knows Aisha was ill for about a month. It was a sad day for the industry.

“When I was told about Aisha’s death,” said Baballe Hayatu. “I was really devastated.”

“I have been with Aisha for over 10 years, and when you live with someone for that period, they became your family.” Baballe added. “All she talk about every time we met recently was the wedding of her daughter Zainab, which was scheduled to hold last week.”

Showing us only the glimpse of her humility, Baballe said “She was a wonderful person, benevolent and you’ll never have a problem with her. I was really shocked.”

Most actors forge a reputation through the brilliance of their acting, but Aisha Dan Kano was different. Aisha’s stature was not formed by the things she did, but how she did them. When the news of her death broke, you find most people saying ‘Laa daya mai maganan nan? Eyya Allah ya jikan ta..’ ‘Mai maganan nan.’ Everyone talks, or read their lines in a movie, for Aisha Dan Kano, is how she say the words that it was impossible not to be heartened by the way she does it. She’s like the Kannywood’s female version of Raymond Reddington.

Audience love her boss lady and villainous roles in the movies. Her performances in Matan Gida, Uwar Mugu, Na Hauwa, Dillaliya, Na Maliya, Zawarawa etc will always be etched in the heart of Kannywood films followers. Although her performance in Uwar Mugu won her Best Villain in the last edition of Kannywood awards, you’d feel it’s not enough, for they were performances worthy of Best Actress award.

Think about it, our Kannywoodmovies would have been so incomplete and flavourless without an interesting character like Aisha Dan Kano, whose job more or less was to snatch lovers/husbands from the dutiful wife/girlfriend, torture the daughter-in-law, break up happy families etc.

In the end, though, what matters most aren’t measurable things like awards but how people were made to feel, and with those performances, Aisha has made us feel.

“She was a top actress, extraordinary,” Ali Gumzak, director of Zawarawa said. “She has something in her only few actresses in Kannywood possess.” He was right too. When Aisha Dan Kano died, Kannywood lost one of it’s rare gems.

May her soul rest in peace.

Written By: Ibrahim Umar Bello
Email: iubello50@gmail.com
Twitter: @aaramz

Between Ali Nuhu, Adam A Zango and Rahma Sadau


The FKD and Adam A Zango’s White House Family saga took another twist when an interview with Adam came out yesterday. In his response, Adam explained what happened with Rahma Sadau and then drop the bombshell; that his relationship with Ali Nuhu is no more.

Trying to make the sense of what happened or is happening would be hard. Even harder writing about it when words like ‘bias’ will be thrown at you, or based on the odd dichotomy that people like hearing what they want to hear but get angry about reading things they already know. Whatever way you look at it, a feud between Ali Nuhu and Adam A Zango shouldn’t be happening.

Most people rightly pointing to Rahma Sadau as the genesis of all this brawl. They are right, her unwise instagram abuses to Adam didn’t do her any favours after he removed her in his latest movie; Duniya Makaranta. Although Rahma later apologized, that didn’t stop Ali Artwork from abusing not only Rahma but Ali Nuhu. Another unwise decision.

To Rahma’s camp, she’s already removed her self from the movie after a certain Sulaiman – Adam’s media manager insulted her on instagram saying she’s not good enough for the film or to her instagram post that she’s out because she turned down Adam’s love.

As he responded in the interview he did with KannywoodEx, Adam didn’t deny what Rahma allegedly said about Sulaiman insulting her. He said it could be the reason why Rahma did what she did. But he said that Rahma was removed for “personal reasons”. However, in the interview he shared on his twitter page with Kannywoodinsight, Adam explained that his misunderstanding with Rahma is an old one which dated back to when she refused to act in his film NAS. Adding that the reason why he removed her in Duniya Makaranta is that the actress showed “ignorance” to their arrangement when he met her en route Zaria. And because the movie posters have already been printed and distributed in social media, that made him angry.

Whichever version of the story you choose to believe, this is clearly started as a fight between an actor who happened to be a producer and an actress over a movie. This is still happening in other movie industries. Whilst Adam and Rahma aren’t in good terms since NAS debacle, they managed to agree to disagree without the general public knowing much about it.

There is too much finger-pointing now, and Adam’s revelation that he’s done with Ali Nuhu has taken the story into another twist. Everyone knows their relationship You’d thought whatever happens Ali and Adam would resolve it between them.

These are two great actors that have been together for more than a decade and became like family. Adam was an FKDian, its where he grew up and learn the trade under the guidance of Ali Nuhu. You can fish out many interviews where Adam himself attested to that. Saying he was famous before he met Ali Nuhu would be akin to Cristiano Ronaldo saying he’s been famous at Sporting Lisbon even before he signed for Manchester United.

All I’m trying to say, although such things happens in the movie industry, the bond that we all know exist between Ali Nuhu and Adam A Zango is of master and an apprentice and should be more than some of the unnecessary things we are reading. Unless there’s more to it that we don’t know. Upon all the instagram foolishness, you’d thought none of Ali, Adam or even Rahma would come to media talking about it anytime soon.

Adam’s interview was meant to defend himself and there’s nothing wrong with that. But giving out two separate interviews is a sign of desperation someone like Adam should avoid.

You only hope we’ve heard the end of this saga but considering Kannywood’s obsession with sequels, you never say never.

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Written by: Ibrahim Umar Bello
Twitter: aaramz
Email: iubello50@gmail.com

2014 in Kannywood: Five Most Active Figures

Last year, we brought you our selection of best five movies of the year. This year, we were having problems selecting them, for there were few of them. However, the industry was not totally torn apart. Below are five top figures we should thank for that….

Ali Nuhu
Referred to in the industry as “Sarki” or “King of Kannywood” because of his amazing consistency of delivering impeccable performances every year. As usual, the multiple award winning actor appeared in quite a lot of them in 2014 and was involved in more hits than anyone with movies like Hanyar Kano, Jinin Jikina, Sai A Lahira, ‘Ya Daga Allah, Ali yaga Ali, etc.

Yakubu M Kumo
Yakubu M Kumo is, without doubt, the best screen writer in Kannywood now. He is fast becoming a legend in the industry. This year he’s written Munafikin Mata, Hanyar Kano, Sai A Lahira, ‘Ya Daga Allah, Haske among others. Statistics are misleading but I think he has written more movies in the last 2 years than any other writer in the industry. A legend in the making, if he’s not already.

Rabilu Musa Ibro
Kannywood is Optaless if you know what I mean, but let’s start this one with another statistics again. Until his death, Ibro has appeared in more movies than any other actor in the industry. Never mind the story, Ibro knows what is required of him in a movie; to make us laugh, to make us forget our sorrows for a moment. His trend of ‘sentimental’ movies; Andamali, Namaliya, Wuta Sallau, Mai Dalili etc. were among what kept the industry bearable in 2014. May his soul rest in peace.

Naziru Dan Hajiya
An example of hardwork and determination, Naziru Dan Hajiya has elevated himself from Continuity to one of the busiest and most sought-after producers in the industry. His step up, especially  in 2014 has been spectacular. He had produced blockbusters like Hanyar Kano, Al’ajabi last year. He has produced some of the best movies to look out for in 2015; Asibitin Kauye, Hajiya Babba, Uwa Tafi Uwa, etc.

Rahma Sadau
The sizzling siren is the most active and talked about Kannywood actress of 2014. No actress garnered such a huge fan base within a short period of time before. Among her notable performances were movies like Jinin Jikina, Sabuwar Tsangaya, Atiku, etc.


Written By: Ibrahim Umar Bello
Email: iubello50@gmail.com
Twitter: @aaramz

2014 in Kannywood: Defining Moments

It’s end of another year: a time to reflect on some of the moments that made us laugh, smile from ear to ear, sad or kept us gripped to our screen. The question is whether or not we have truly experienced all those moments in the industry this year.

2014 was a less eventful year in Kannywood if not anything else. Compare it with 2013, you’ll find out that the year had gone without 2 major events. The first is Kwankwasiyya awards which is, albeit political, one of two major Hausa films based awards last year with MTN/Kannywood awards (scheduled to be held in 2015). Also, If you are a fan of scandals, AFMAN didn’t suspend anybody. Like they show in the movies, highs and lows are part and parcel of life. Here’s taking a look at some of the most defining moments from Kannywood in 2014 and in no particular order.

Wondering why you are not an ambassador for any telecommunication company yet? That’s because brand ambassadors are usually high profile people or celebrities not individuals like you and me. 2014 saw Adam A Zango, Nafisat Abdullahi, Shehu Hassan Kano and Aisha Tsamiya becoming the face of MTN after signing lucrative contracts with the Nigeria’s leading telecommunication giants. In June, Sani Danja and Rahma Hassan were unveiled as brand ambassadors for the National Open Universities of Nigeria (NOUN). They were awarded scholarships to study at the University and were presented with letters of admission by the Vice-Chancellor, Professor Vincent Tenebe. In the same month, superstar Ali Nuhu was also unveiled as the brand ambassador for Uniliver’s Omo Detergent.

Ambassadorial responsibilities were also given to Maryam Booth by First Women and Girls Summit. The summit is an initiative of First Lady, Dame Patience Jonathan, in collaboration with the National Center for Women Development (NCWD), Friends Africa and the Kudirat Initiative for Democracy (KIND). As an ambassador, the popular actress would lend her voice to key issues affecting girls in Nigeria and join other leading gender advocates to draw attention to these issues.

Hmm! Our celebs are sweeping up the big bucks…

The year ended without a Kannywood-based award. However, some actors were honoured in other prestigious awards across the country. Among them, City People Awards accommodates much category for kannywood. Ali Nuhu and Aisha Aliyu Tsamiya won the best actor and actress respectively, Zahradden Sani won the best supporting actor and Halima Atete won the best supporting actress. Rahma Sadau, Nazifi Asnanic, Abba Miko and Sadiq Mafia were also honoured with the City people awards.

One of Nigeria’s leading national dailies, Leadership Newspapers voted Ali Nuhu as the Best Artiste of the Year. Ali also ended the year in a high as he won the Best Actor in Avant Garde awards. In a year full of not so great movies, Kannywood/Nollywood filmmaker Usman Uzee have won numerous awards. Among which are Ambassador for Peace awards and Avant Garde.

Also, Sadiq Sani Sadiq and Asma’u Abubakar won the best actors’ award in the Best of Nollywood awards.

Yes, Fati KK has married again, after a brief come back to the movie screen. Like the wedding, it was a comeback very few noticed. Whether KK would be replaced by Rukayya Dawayya remains to be seen. Dawayya’s marriage is no more and one thing about these actresses is they love second coming.

Kannywood’s leading screen writer Yakubu M Kumo adds another wife. Nasir Ali koki also got married.

Indian-Hausa Movies
India-Hausa films were, and still are, a topic. The translated bollywood movies have affected the sales of Hausa movies greatly this year to the extent that it is mentioned as one of the reasons for the fall in production of Kannywood good movies in 2014. There were calls to ban the sales and production of such movies in Kano. Looks like the battle will continue in 2015, and its a battle Kannywood movies need to win no matter what.

Kannywood in India
Kannywood borrows a lot from Bollywood, may be that was why the Federal Government decided to sponsor some of our actors and film makers for a 4-weeks film related course in India. It was a great moment. The beneficiaries of this iniative include Ali Nuhu, Hamisu Iyan Tama, Falalu Dorayi……..     Etc. We hope the participants would wow us with what they’ve learnt in 2015.

BBC Media Action
In an effort to use the influence of media to support people shape their own lives, BBC collaborated with Kannywood to help pass information on heath and government matters. You can read the details here.

As we all know, Hausa films and music go hand in hand. Adam A Zango and Sani Danja are two A-list actors in Kannywood who, beside being top actors, are also very good singers. Sani Danja in particular has stormed not only the north but the entire country with his trending song Alhaji this year. And collabos with Terry G, Vector the Viper and Orezi is surely a good way to reach new heights in a music career.

Nafisat Abdullahi also decided to venture in to music and the actress is remoured to have recorded her first album with Umar M Shariff…. Some moment.

The year ended on a rather unfortunate note. Sale AGM, director of So Aljannar Duniya died in a motor accident on his way home to Maiduguri. And then the socking news of Ibro’s death broke out on 10 December. The whole country was taken aback to learn that the Kannywood legend is no more. “Maganin hawan jini kuma ya tafi” I heard some say. Meaning “[Our] Cure for hypertension is no more.” This is someone who make people momentarily forget their worries, make you laugh without saying a word. What a great entertainer he was. It would be interesting to see how Kannywood will fare in 2015. Ibro was extremely busy before he died. His movies are certain sales because if not anything, he single-handely make sure they entertain audience. May Allah have mercy on his soul and reward him with Jannatul Firdaus.

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Written by: Ibrahim Umar Bello
Email: iubello50@gmail.com
Twitter: @aaramz

Popular Kannywood Comedian Rabilu Musa Dies

Popular Hausa film actor and comedian, Rabilu Musa Ibro, popular known as Dan Ibro is dead.

Kannywoodscene gathered that the popular comedian died within early hours of today as a result of kidney problem.

He died at the age of 44, leaving behind three wives and 15 children.

His burial was to take place in his hometown Danladan, Warawa local government, Kano state, by 10 am this morning.

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Author: Ibrahim Umar Bello
Twitter: @aaramz

Because of the joy, excitement and pleasant memories they bring, Sallah days are always special. We are always looking forward to it. Especially Eid-El Kabir where rams and cows are slaughtered. But as we grow older, some of these memories fade away as we celebrate Sallah each year.

However, for Kannywood artistes, fans and followers, one of those Sallah days we will never forget is that of  January 1st 2007. That’s because that day brought darkness to the people of the industry as a result of the sudden death of one of the most successful and shining super-star, a Hausa movie actor Ahmad S Nuhu, who died in a ghastly car accident on his way to Maiduguri to stage a Gala for Sallah.

Today is exactly six years since Ahmad S Nuhu departed. His Legacy both on and off the industry will always be remembered. His path to stardom is an inspiration to young actors. The Plateau born actor started developing interest in Hausa films at an early age and at a time when it was not particularly popular. His father, being ill, could hardly support his studies (in Secondary School) and his relatives, who were not happy with young Ahmad’s foray in to the film industry often refused to assist him. In desperation, he turned into a motorcycle taxi driver (achaba) to earn enough money to sustain his schooling. After his secondary school, he joined a relative of his who is a long distant truck transporter to Onisha from Jos. Eventually Ahmad became a truck driver himself.

Ahmad ventured into the Hausa film industry through Ali Nuhu, whom he met when Ali was studying Geography in the University of Jos. Ali stayed in a house owned by Ahmad S Nuhu’s grandfather at Tudun Miraye. The relationship was developed from there.

Ali Nuhu introduced Ahmad to top directors like Tijjani Ibrahim, Ishaq
Sidi Ishaq and Hafizu Bello, and Ahmad came to the fore-front after some brilliant performances in Linzami da Wuta, Huznee, Mujadala and Akasi.

Along with Ali Nuhu, Ahmad contributed a lot in making FKD Poduction arguably the most famous and biggest banner in Kannywood industry today. Untill his death, he is the sole producer in FKD. His talent and the brilliant way in which he acted in movies made FKD Production’s movies one of the best in the industry. His marriage to Hafsat Shehu was one of the most celebrated among Kannywood followers.

Ahmad’s Legacy can never be overstated. He will always be remembered for his humility, obidience and total respect for anyone he came in to contact with. One of the finest actors of his generation, and to some of his peers the best, Ahmad possessed few facets of his game many would envy. Whether acting as a deranged estranged lover in Huznee or highly fashioned romantic lover in Zabari or a comic lying guy in Mazaje, he was always elegant. His versatility and ability to play any role is head and shoulders above anyone. His reputation and stature outside the industry is amazing. In 2003, MTN revealed that, Ahmad was the 7th person in Nigeria to receive the highest number of calls during the year.

Without doubt, Kannywood lost a colossus when Ahmad passed away. His name will always remain synonymous with humility, versatility and benevolence. Allah ya gafarta masa, ya jikan sa da rahma. Ameeeen!