Review : Jinin Jikina

Title: Jinin Jikina

Year: 2014

Production: Shareef Studios

Producer: Umar M Shareef

Director: Ali Nuhu

Story/Screen play: Ali Nuhu

Cast: Ali Nuhu, Abdul M Shareef, Rahma Sadau, Rabi’u Rikadawa etc.

When an artist like Ali nuhu write a story, screen played, directed and acted the film, what do you expect? Perfection is the right word for the answer. Just by watching the movie trailer, your expectation will be high because of it quality picture, style and queens English used in the trailer by Ali Nuhu.

Not to waste your precious time, Jinin Jikina is a story of two secondary school lovers, after graduation the boy failed to make it to university and he feared that this separation might be the end of their relationship with the girl. When his fear begins to unravel they struggle to be together. Happy ending at the end as usual hausa movies. simple as that.

There is no denying the fact that the film sales a lot and audience, viewers or called them whatever loves the film but from the angle of those who knew what a good movie is, it’s a sheer disappointment. Most of you here had watched the film, have you ever noticed where the director or the story failed? Here you go.

The film failed to reflect our culture and real life, some of us here are married, dating or single, have you ever confidently bust in to your in-laws house jokes with them and even attempt to playfully run after their daughter before marriage?

The movie depiction of university settings is poor and inadequate, most of us have attended math 101 classes at least for a semester and if it is a Hausa class give me the lecturer’s name and he will be in the school’s senate office for hearing next week. And the whole college like movie you can’t hear the names like NECO, WAEC or JAMB, Is Nigeria America? Or are we in Europe? Well… Its Ali nuhu’s Jinin Jikina. Oh! One more thing, help me find the course, faculty and the name of the university she enrolled.

Engineer Abbas behaving like Don coleone which is absurd. I have a lot of rich friends who are engineers but I never saw for once any of them behave like Engineer Abbas, don’t know may be Anas will do someday, who knows. Engineer Abbas was one of a kind; he is a guy that goes fishing with golf shirt and cover shoes all dress up.

Firdausi’s dad house, clothes, and their life style is that of filthy rich family because of their life style they manage to have only fiddausi but the story line implied that they are poor.

To mention but few, you can watch the film again you will enjoy the music video, promise you that.

Reviewed By: Usman Manga

Twitter: @Nuruzamaan