Whenever we find ourselves in the midst of people we have the same movie taste with, we like to talk about movies, our favorite actors, why we love them as well as compare them with our friends’ favorites too, in many fronts. Amongst Kannywood viewers, we talk about whose stardom will make whose stardom wanes, etc For instance, many people believe that if Ahmad S. Nuhu were alive Adam Zango will not be this famous because S. Nuhu might have completely over shadowed him.

Talking about the female actors, we had Zainab Indomie in the past few years as a household name for Kannywood fans. The actress managed to steal the hearts of the audience with her performances which were groundbreaking in delivery, her impeccable looks, charm, and her ability to express any kind of emotion. She featured in movies that would probably never be forgotten such as Ga duhu ga Haske. We all adored her and enjoyed watching her display her talents…

Until Nafisa Abdullahi made a grand entrance into the world of stardom immediately after featuring in FKD’s Sai watarana. Bold, passionate and master of her emotions; no living Kannywood actress has astonished the viewers over the past six years as much as Nafisa Abdullah. Her path to stardom was also the beginning of the end for Zainab Indomie. It’s not as if we couldn’t have more than one star at the same time. We could, there has always been Jamila Nagudu, though that’s a story for another day because she is the female version of Ali Nuhu. All other actresses will come and go while she undebatably remain the overall best actress in Kannywood.

Aside from Jamila Nagudu, there will always be another actress who would top the list, and at a point in time, Nafisa Abdullahi was on top of that list. She could display the perfect combination of intellect, strength, vulnerability and even ‘badassing’. As a die hard fan of Zainab Indomie, I always say it’s because of Nafisa that we hardly see the face of our star on the screen then because she features in virtually every hit movie then.

Nobody gets to the top and stay there forever. The sizzling siren made her debut and and within a year, she had already made a mark. If you tell me that Rahma Sadau defined her career not with exceptional performances but with scandals, media presence, breaking barriers etc etc, I wouldn’t argue with you.

Talking about media presence, it is arguably the biggest tool actors use to make sure they stay at the top. Rahama for example knows the importance of media, how it operates and how to interact with people especially her fans. She knows what it takes to be a star, how to get to the top and stay there. She’s simply a master of the game. She came to the industry with an unprecedented uniqueness which is the number one thing that drew the attention of audience to her, including those that are ashamed of being called Kannywood fans. She carries herself the way her Nollywood, Bollywood and even Hollywood counterparts do. She have managers run her affairs from on set, she reads, watch movies and TV shows, she tweets more for example, about Big Brother Nigeria, football, etc alongside her fans and all those little things people relate to, is what brings media influence. If you ask me to pick five best actresses in Kannywood based on on performance, I will definitely not pick Rahama but if you just ask me to pick top five without being specific, don’t be surprised if you find her name as number one on my list.

It’s important to point out that, especially how she’s been busy on twitter recently, Hadiza Gabon epitomizes good acting and media presence. People actually relates to how tolerable she is on twitter and fans interact with her more easily.

That brings me to my main discussion. New talent has been discovered by Ali Nuhu -who is infamous for transforming even those not born with acting talents into the best actors. This new talent is Maryam Yahya, who started with an FKD movie which is a surer path to stardom than any other path in the industry.So, there were discussions, projections already by Kannywood followers that soon she’ll be a force in the industry and that Sadau’s fans are beginning to see her as a threat.

This is really surprising. And although these kinds of premature predictions and knee-jerk reactions are bound to happen, it is hard not to be amazed. We’ve only seen Maryam Yahaya mostly on video songs so far and you can see she has done really well for herself as very few actresses don’t get intimated acting alongside Ali Nuhu. She doesn’t get overshadowed and you could feel her presence in the songs.

As discussed, the road to stardom is a long and hard one. Do we really think Maryam is a ‘giant killer’? That remain to be seen. As for beating any other actress or particularly Rahma Sadau, it’s worth to remember she came into Kannywood while Sadau has already gone international, already featured in Nollywood films, lunched and dined in Beverly Hills with Akon, met some Bollywood producers in India, talked with Priyanka and Davido on twitter. She will definitely not stay at the top forever, her stardom will also wane just like other top talents before her, perhaps sooner than we expected but career wise, she’s currently the most improved and most focused in the industry. Maryam Yahaya will not push her away, but if she is determined who knows.

Hafsah Lalo is a writer hailed from Jos, Plateau State. She is Currently a student of Information Technology at the Abubakar Tafawa Balewa University Bauchi. You can follow her on twitter: @Grtsunnist

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