​”Mun Kwashe Mun Kwashe, Mun Kwashe Mun Kwashe…” That’s what FKDians were shouting at the end of Mansoor show at the film House Cinema. They were not only shouting because the film was very good but also because the event Premiere of the film was a huge success. 

It was an extraordinary evening that everyone present will forever remember. It’s the first proper event premiere for a Kannywood movie since the inception of Kannywood Box Office. Mansoor Premiere didn’t disappoint. 

The turn out for  the event was huge. Hafizu Bello, Aminu Saira, Falalu Dorayi, Usman Mu’azu, Yakubu Muhammad, Rahma Sadau, Fati Muhammad, Shehu Kano, Ibrahim Birniwa, Nura M Inuwa….. Long story short, your favourite actor or actress was there. Kannywood was there. 

Clearly the maker of Mansoor knows about the importance of creating an event that will reach audience, garner the attention for his film. At the Premiere, besides the still photography of the people and personalities at the event, Ali Nuhu make sure that the BBC, AIT, NTA, Channels Tv and Kannywoodscene were all there at the event. 

Responding to media questions on the red carpet, Ali Nuhu said that he has better script coming up and Mansoor is just the beginning. 

Ali Nuhu adds “The essence of making these movies is to entertain people, educate them and make them aware of things that are happening in our society. I hope people will cooperate and watch the movie in the cinema. 

He also said that he decided to bring out something different in Mansoor because people say that most Kannywood stories are base on love, marriage and divorce. 

At the end people were talking about Ali Nuhu’s impressive directing of Mansoor. “We’ve had so many course about movie making in abroad. Most recently in the United States. People should be able to see what we’ve learned through our works.” He says. 

In the end, Ali Nuhu’s brand sponsors made sure that everyone who’s seated in the cinema went home with Cherio noodles and Blue Boat Champion milk. 

Ali Nuhu bust his guts in making Mansoor and after watching the movie, you can’t help but feel he deserves to celebrate the achievement he has completed in style. 

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