FKD Productions is among the very few production banners in  Kannywood, with the confidence of releasing a film without having more than 80% of Kannywood viewers to watch the trailer, and yet the movie sold a lot. This is a success!!

Production: FKD Productions

Producer: Mustee Junior

Writer: Yusuf Nahuce Marafa

Screenplay: Jamil Nafseen

Director: Ali Nuhu

Cast; Ali Nuhu, Nafisa Abdullahi, Rahma Sadau, Lawal Ahmad and others.

Sirrin Dake Raina is, in my opinion, a unique and gripping story of these genres. Though not like FKD’s recent releases; the film has in way or the other failed to reach the expectations of the audience. But I think we all shouldn’t have expected something more than what the director has given us as Sirrin Dake Raina is more or less an entertainment film. The game between the two actresses was what makes the film thrilling.

Fahad (Ali Nuhu) returned home after many years of studying abroad very keen to meet his fiancee, Yasmeen (Nafisa Abdullahi). But Yasmeen seemed to have no time  for love as her total concentration was on her studies. On seeing this, Fahad talked to her friend, Ramaisa (Rahma Sadau) about this and they both thought that the only way to bring on the attention of Yasmeen to Fahad was for them to pretend to be lovers in the presence of Yasmeen and others, but deep inside their hearts, they both knew that this wasn’t true. Rumaisa, who initially had a love at-first-sight for Fahad,  revealed her true feelings for him and this was how the battle began….

While watching the film, I kept asking myself, what were they studying in the university? Why would Yasmeen have to dress like that? If she must wear those clothes to school, because of our society today, what about those they wore in the songs, especially the last one? I think sometimes our Kannywood actors used to forget the cultural group they represent. Similarly, Rumaisa’s parents were not even for once shown on the screen. She was always seen lying on a three-seater chair crying with nobody to confront her.

Nevertheless, the sound and picture of the film were okay. The songs and dance routine were stylish, the locations and costumes, outstanding. The performances of the lead figures were excellent. The screen chemistry between the two of Nafisat Abdullahi and Rahma Sadau was just Okay. They were established as best friends in the film but to be candid, their relationship as best friends was too shallow. Initially, I feared that Rahma Sadau would be over-shadowed by Nafisa Abdullahi, but she wasn’t. They both played their parts very well. Kudos to the director for putting that into concentration.

However, while Sai Wata Rana, Adamsy, Madubin Dubawa and Ni Da Ke Mun Dace all mesmerized the viewers with amazing songs, Sirrin Dake Raina didn’t. The film has very good but not exceptional songs.

The songs, concept, locations, of the film were all average compared to that of other FKD movies. All in all, Sirrin Dake Raina is recommendable, but like most Kannywood movies these days, can’t say this one is out of the ‘ordinary’ bracket.

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Reviewed by: Hafsat Lalo
Twitter: GrtSunnist


7 thoughts on “Movie Review – Sirrin DaKe Raina

  1. Ba mamaki dan kuwa duk cikin SIRRIN DAKE RAINA wuri uku ne kacal ƴan matan suka sanya atanfa sai kuma karin guri daya a wata waka. Mazan fim din kuma in ka cire dattawa guda biyu (uban Ali Nuhu da uban Nafisa) su Ali nuhu ko sau daya ba’a sanya jonfa ba. Dan haka ni nafi daukan fim din a matsayin fim din turawa, alakar sa da hausawa kawai harshe da aka ara.

  2. U guys are doing a wonderful job. I just like 👍 your critics you do it in an objective manner. Please keep the ball rolling we do appreciate.

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