Last year, we brought you our selection of best five movies of the year. This year, we were having problems selecting them, for there were few of them. However, the industry was not totally torn apart. Below are five top figures we should thank for that….

Ali Nuhu
Referred to in the industry as “Sarki” or “King of Kannywood” because of his amazing consistency of delivering impeccable performances every year. As usual, the multiple award winning actor appeared in quite a lot of them in 2014 and was involved in more hits than anyone with movies like Hanyar Kano, Jinin Jikina, Sai A Lahira, ‘Ya Daga Allah, Ali yaga Ali, etc.

Yakubu M Kumo
Yakubu M Kumo is, without doubt, the best screen writer in Kannywood now. He is fast becoming a legend in the industry. This year he’s written Munafikin Mata, Hanyar Kano, Sai A Lahira, ‘Ya Daga Allah, Haske among others. Statistics are misleading but I think he has written more movies in the last 2 years than any other writer in the industry. A legend in the making, if he’s not already.

Rabilu Musa Ibro
Kannywood is Optaless if you know what I mean, but let’s start this one with another statistics again. Until his death, Ibro has appeared in more movies than any other actor in the industry. Never mind the story, Ibro knows what is required of him in a movie; to make us laugh, to make us forget our sorrows for a moment. His trend of ‘sentimental’ movies; Andamali, Namaliya, Wuta Sallau, Mai Dalili etc. were among what kept the industry bearable in 2014. May his soul rest in peace.

Naziru Dan Hajiya
An example of hardwork and determination, Naziru Dan Hajiya has elevated himself from Continuity to one of the busiest and most sought-after producers in the industry. His step up, especially  in 2014 has been spectacular. He had produced blockbusters like Hanyar Kano, Al’ajabi last year. He has produced some of the best movies to look out for in 2015; Asibitin Kauye, Hajiya Babba, Uwa Tafi Uwa, etc.

Rahma Sadau
The sizzling siren is the most active and talked about Kannywood actress of 2014. No actress garnered such a huge fan base within a short period of time before. Among her notable performances were movies like Jinin Jikina, Sabuwar Tsangaya, Atiku, etc.


Written By: Ibrahim Umar Bello
Twitter: @aaramz

4 thoughts on “2014 in Kannywood: Five Most Active Figures

  1. haba dai,ai mutum ya yi irin acting din da ake kira challenging role shine zai nuna level din kwarewarsa,amma ba role na soyayya kadai ba.jinin jiki na,sabuwar sngaya da atiku dukkansu jigon labaransu soyayya ce.don haka ni rahma bata kai in yarda tafi sauran ba.dubi aina’u ade a fim din haske,jamila nagudu afim din dan mutum da kuma jarumar fim din mai jego e.t.c don haka ‘challenging roles’ dasu ake judging din kwarewa ba da common love roles ba.amma still rahma ta iya acting dai dai ita.she is ok.

  2. feenah is d best kanywood actress and d most popular…..she is d fastest risin actress even rahma sadau cannot try feenah abdul cox if u watch films like munafikin mata….sirrin dake raina…..madubin dubawa u will know who is feenah abdul

  3. At least there is still something good to talk about in 2014. I pray our very own kannywood will get more positive improvement this year.

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