If you are worried that FKD Production is dipping into the same old wells too often (“NI DAKE MUN DACE” “SIRRIN DAKE RAINA,” et al), the announcement of the Production’s GAMU NAN DAI may give you a pause.

Officially announced by the Production head Ali Nuhu on twitter six days ago, and to star Ali Nuhu, Nuhu Abdullahi, Ramadan Booth, Shamsu Dan’iya, Abdul M Shareef, Garzali Miko, Haruna Talle Mai Fata; GAMU NAN DAI is an educating movie that will perform ‘reality check’ on the socioeconomic and cultural state and state of mind of our youths. Speaking briefly after the announcement, Ali Nuhu told Kannywoodscene that GAMU NAN DAI will be about 5 ghetto boys who feel money is the ultimate goal in life and go out on expedition that will turn their life around.

FKD Production is under criticism for being too self-indulgent in romantic genre, but Ali Nuhu quickly reputed this claim when Kannywoodscene asked him whether this sudden slide into a new genre was triggered by the aforementioned allegation, “I don’t believe this. No body can change my mindset as a filmmaker. Most people saying this are incapable of making their own thinking; they are simply being stereotypic. How can you watch movies like SANSANI, SAI WATA RANA, DIJANGALA, CARBIN KWAI, MADUBIN DUBAWA, ADAMSY and tell me they belong to the same genre. This is grossly unacceptable” he said.

Ali Nuhu is among the very few filmmakers with sheer boldness of experimenting new actors and ideas. It was through similar experiments that great artists were born, such as Adam A Zango, Nazifi Asnanic, Umar M Shareef, Nafisat Abdullahi, Sadiq Sani Sadiq, Rahma Sadau (who at this point counts more as a good-luck charm for any casting agents than anything else). Kannywoodscene went on to ask him why he is embracing the challenge again on this one, and he remarked, “There is a need to promote young and upcoming talents. Secondly, assembling so many established actors in a movie isn’t a good idea any longer commercially and artistically.”

This seems a very risky proposal- not only with the casting of an almost-all upcoming actors- but also with the seeming violation of FKD’s “Entertainment first and foremost” trademark. The director, however, remains optimistic that the concept and uniqueness of the movie will compensate these disadvantages, “You see GAMU NAN DAI is a unique one from FKD Production. It has a topical subject not just the usual love stories or family drama. I believe it will be its own kind.”

Popularity is a fickle mistress, but the only way GAMU NAN DAI can attain the popularity of FKD’s previous releases is, by reckoning, if it delivers its promise. The movie’s delights are intended to come from its youthful heart and its willingness to depart from formular. The task of director Ali Nuhu and his assistant Alfazazee Muhammad is clear, namely: treatment of the material as socially relatable as possible and inspiration of the movie’s young actors to firmly fix the movie’s youthful soul for the youth it is apparently set out at.

2014 has been without FKD movie. SIRRIN DAKE RAINA was originally scheduled for November release but was later pushed to 2015, leaving the Production with no new movie for a complete year for the first time in nearly six years. With GAMU NAN DAI scheduled for 20th to 30th December shoot, and another movie HALACCI earlier shot by FKD’s affliated Production Nuhu MovieTone, Ali Nuhu is already having three movies in 2015.

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Written by: Anas Abdullahi
Twitter: @a9united1
Email: a9united@gmail.com

58 thoughts on “Ali Nuhu Takes A New Challenge With FKD’s Upcoming GAMU NAN DAI

  1. Maganar gaskiya, oga Ali baida tamka a kannywood, mutun ne mai mutunci da karimci, sannan bai da shakkar daga sabon jarumi, wai ko dan ya fishi dauka ka bai dame shiba, don sanin kune ya haska jaruman da sune kannywood yanzu, kamarsu, zango, sadiq sani sadiq, lawal ahmad da dai sauransu, tauraruwassa kuma bata dishe ba, kuma ba komai ya kawo haka ba illa rashin nuna kyashi da sauransu. allah dai ya cigaba da yi masa jagora amin

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