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The news broke this morning that: ‘arguably the most popular and most celebrated actor in the Hausa industry, Rabilu Musa Ibro has died.’ The news was so shocking that most people couldn’t believe it. How? What happened? Why so soon? Please tell me it’s not true! were some the things people started saying when they heard the news. They couldn’t bring themselves to imagine Kannywood industry without Dan Ibro.

Ibro was earlier reported to have been diagnosed of kidney disease and was taken to India for treatment. He ended months of struggle with the illness he died of in the early hours of Wednesday. His death brought to an end, the era of his trademark comedy on the Kannywood screen. A veteran actor, Ibro was one of the few actors whose acting and consistency pioneered the Kannywood industry we have today. He was hugely talented and so good at acting that he could spontaneously create a better joke than the one written on the script.

Ibro was naturally a jovial person. The comedian always carried his natural humour on and off the screen. That made him a very lovable icon within and outside the film industry. His death was certainly felt all over the country. The reactions on social media from the people within and outside the film industry expressed sadness and anguish:

Mr RANGO @itz_Froggy: A big loss to the Hausa Film fraternity indeed! May Allah forgive you and have mercy on your soul
Rabilu Musa dan Ibro.

Z @iBabyzee_: He has been giving us Joy ryt from day1 and he was the reason why most of us do watch Hausa Movies!!!*RIP Ibro.

Ummaruu @MobidEE: Ibro made all our families laughed. May Allah reward him with jannah for that.

Malcolm B @Mr_Kiyler: Ibro is a legend he can’t be replaced easily Actors.

Film makers also reacts to his death on Twitter and instagram:

“My heart is heavy as we lost a brother, friend and colleague Alh Rabilu Musa Ibro. May his soul rest in peace… Ameen” – Ali Nuhu

“INNA lillahi wa INNA ilaihi raji’un, Allah ya jikan ka RABILU Musa ibro.” – Aminu Saira

“I remembered when he said [wai ni meyasa
za’a hadani da mazari ne? Wannan rawa ai naku ne Ali Nuhu da Adamu] during the set of ATIKU. RIJF Chairman” -Rahama Sadau

“Inna lillahi wa’inna ilaihir rajiun.. Allah yayi wa Alh Rabilu Musa Ibro rasuwa, Allah ya jikansa, yai masa rahama. Allah ya mana rahma baki daya. Allahu akbar, abokin neman halak.” – Falalu Dorayi

“May your soul rest in peace, Ameen. You are irreplaceable, you will be missed” -Nafisat Abdullahi

“Allah kasa Aljanna makomar sa” -Hadiza Gabon

“I am in so much agony. We were about to start shooting Malam Dare’s Ibro Headmaster soon. What a shocking loss.”-
Usman Mu’azu

“Allahu akbar! Allah kayima IBRO rahama, Ameen” -Ilyas Tantiri

“May his soul rest in PEACE” -Adam A Zango

“Allah ya jikanka da rahama d legend ibro.. yasa Aljannace makomarmu gabaki daya.” -Abdul Amart

“Innalillahi wa inna’ilaihi raji’un, yau ALLAH ya karbi ran shahararren dan barkwancin nan Alh Rabilu Musa Ibro, Allah yasa ya huta.” -Hassan Giggs

“RIP Ibro…Allah ya yi maka rahama ameen” -Yakubu Muhammad

“RIP ibro Allah ya jikan ka da rahama” -Fati Muhammad

“Innalillahi wa inna ilaihir raji’un Allah yayi wa, Rabilu Musa (ibro) Rasuwa” -Sani Danja

“Inna lillahi WA inna ilaihir raji’una…Allah ya jikanka rabilu Ibro….yasa aljanna makomarka, ya gafarta maka …” -Baballe

“Innalillahi wa inna ilayhir raji’un Allah yayi wa rabilu musa (ibro) rasuwa Allah masa rahama” -Maryam Booth

There’s no doubt Kannywood has lost one of its jewel, a legend and a great person. Comedy will never be the same without Ibro. We’ll never forget what a great entertainer he was. His body may have gone but his films live on.

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Written by: Ibrahim Umar Bello
Twitter: @aaramz

10 thoughts on “Social Media Reactions To Rabilu Musa Ibro’s Death

  1. Allah Ya Jikan Rabilu Musa Ibro. He was one of the greatest entertainers of all times. I watch him all the way from Waukesha,Wisconsin USA.

  2. nikan tuna wen we were still vry young ibro was ask sai yaushe zaka daina film?he reply sai ranan da aka kawo wuta yara basu ce yeeeh ba Allahu Akbar Allah yajikan shida rahma dan son Annabi.

  3. It is so so sad, I still cannot wrap my head around ibro being dead! Allah yasa aljanna ce makomar sa,ya sa can yafi masa nan,ya kyautata makwancin sa na gaskiya,mu kuma Allah sa mu cika da imani. With all the rumours that have been spread over the years about his death,today its finally true and I bet all those spreading rumours before are not happy about him really gone.

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