The 5th City People Entertainment Awards has just been concluded in Lagos. The award is organized yearly by City People Magazine honouring Nigerian Entertaiment in various genres.

Categories for Best Film, Best Director, Best producer, Best actors, Best Supporting Actors, Best New Actors, Best Musician were provided for Kannywood. Actors like Ali Nuhu, Sani Musa Danja, Rabilu Musa, Nafisat Abdullahi, Rahma Sadau, Halima Atete, Nazifi Asnanic, Aisha Tsamiya, Yakubu Muhammad were all nominated in various categories. Also movies like Ni Dake Mun Dace, Maja, Andamali, got nominated for Best film. Below are the list of winners:

Best Film: MAJA

Best Director: SADIK MAFIA

Best Producer: ABBA MIKO

Best Actor: ALI NUHU


Best Supporting Actor: ZAHRADDEN SANI

Best Supporting Actress: HALIMA ATETE


Best New Actress: RAHMA SADAU


Congratulations to all the winners.

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13 thoughts on “City People Entertainment Awards- List of Winners

  1. Apart from Nazifi all of them deserve it. But this is injustice where is the master of them all? the best in ever. NURA M INUWA the proudless

  2. Hmm kamar yadda kowa yasani a yanzu dai a harkan firm babu kamar Ali nuhu don haka amadadina da mutanena na bauchi da makoyina aduniya muna taya Ali nuhu murna ako wace irin nasara yasamu daga.’07051788067.

  3. I was really happy and congreat to all of these awarded people may Allah help us ameen.
    And also there is one thing that you have to be considered, this women dress is totally wrong in Islamic. And she have show up her body which is wrong

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