Can’t someone come up with a screenwriting software that signals when a script has made the fatal slop from a hyped up suspense to sheer ludicrousness?

Na’ima (Hafsat Bauchi) is a married woman who wants to get back at her husband Alh Hamza (Tahir Fagge) for destroying her dream of having many children. So with persistence and intimidation she persuaded Ukasha (Adam A Zango) to kidnap her only daughter. Coincidentally for Ukasha, who’s unemployed and in desperate need of money to save his dying mother, Naima’s husband is the reason why he’s unemployed. He agreed to do the job only to find out that he’s put himself in real trouble because Na’ima didn’t keep up her end of the bargain.

Can you go to a job interview without any credentials? Yes, according to the movie. Now the big question; Is kidnapping very easy? Yes, according to the movie. For someone who’s a rookie, Ukasha made the entire kidnapping process looked effortless. He waited for the girl at the entrance of the primary school and picked her up easily without anyone seeing him. What’s more comical is how the 7 year old girl comfortably stayed with him, a total stranger, for a day or two in the bush without for once crying for her parents. You’d thought she’s staying with her favourite aunt. And although it’s all her plan, Na’ima didn’t for once looked like a mother whose child was kidnapped. You’d thought she would look distraught to make the plan water tight but rather only making sad faces whenever she’s on the camera. Alh Hamza’s handling of the situation is also somewhat far-fetched.

Despite some bizarre situations that are impossible to make sense of, for a good hour or so, you might say Gaba Da Gabanta is going ‘Ok’. However, the scripts falls to pieces and turns to a crass in the end. Considering it’s only 58 minutes long (including trailers), the part 3 is more or less about some men in suits, overdoing almost everything- chasing after Ukasha. The rest of the film plays out predictably and instead of upping up the ante, the director waste time on unnecessary scenes and delays the inevitable conclusion.

In dealing with a tricky story line that involves kidnapping, Kamal S Alkali and his team has obviously put in minimal effort in making Gaba Da Gabanta and they don’t expect audience to exercise their brains either.

Reviewed by: Ibrahim Umar Bello
Twitter: @aaramz


5 thoughts on “Movie Review- Gaba Da Gabanta

  1. At times i feel like Kannywood film makers do take those watching their films as illitrates or have never watched even Nollywood movies talkless of Bollywood or Hollywood. Since movies are nothing but “make believe” you need to adjust & make it look real, not the silly looking running & chassing in Gaba da Gabanta that is more of a child’s play . Kamal, i expected more than that!!!

    1. yea de movie gaba da gabanta x a nyc nd intrestin movie nd i wil luv zango 2 continue makin movie dat hav meanin lyk dat@humaira

  2. the movie Gabada Gabanta is a nicce film that could stand for any nominee but along the line somewhere lies a problem. there was a scene when okasha kidnapped or abduct the 7 year old girl,they stayed for atleast 3 days without food and water but the seven year old lady still remained calm.It is inpossible to kidnap someone without any symbol that can depict her unhappiness.

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