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It’s obvious that Fati Ladan is the most prolific and well-mannered actress in kannywood, a 28 year old actress who was born, raised and studied in Kaduna state shared her acting experience as well as farewell message to all her acting contemporaries and fans with kannywoodscene during an interview with Nura Abubakar. The conversation goes like this:

Everyone knows that she (Fati Ladan) was in her tremendous form before she got married, some of the actresses if not all would not marry at this juncture, rather they’ll of course use this stardom prospect to be on top of the world, they may married when they malformed. “Why did you choose to marry at this stardom stage?”

Ladan’s respond was quite amazing, considering the fact that all the actors/actresses are subsequent to popularity and huge projects to their credits. I was agape when she said: “Well, not all the actresses would do what I did, opinion differs, likewise people. The time I realised that am at my pinnacle, the issue of marriage and starting a new life began to blend with my thinking. I hastily prayed for the best and my heart goes for marriage.”

The actress did not personally unveil who her husband is, when I asked her who is the lucky man and what is he doing for a living?

“Hmmm… someone ahh and a civil servant… laugh” was her answer, but later on we realized from steadfast source that she’s married to Yerima Shettima, a human right activist.

Fati Ladan is a great actress, she is the type of actress that doesn’t just sympathise with the feelings of the character she plays, but she empathize it, gets into it and become the role. She has some sense of vanity which drives her to continue to improve and excels at craft. She always shows commitment and confidence, take a look at movies like ADAMSY, JARUMIN MAZA, MATAR HAMZA, NI DAKE MUN DACE and the likes. Definitely the industry and the fans will miss such a great actress. For all these reasons I asked her “how the industry and probably the fans would cope-up without you?”

The respond was a bit clever, she just played around claimed that it’s not a big deal as there are so many upcoming actors, so nothing will change the industry or the massive support of the fans/viewers. “Both the directors, producers, actors, other filmmakers and fans, we’ll surely miss one another, we are like family we love and support each other. It’s very hard to make such a sudden leave without feeling the sort of breaks in the bond. Nevertheless, there are upcoming actors/actresses to replace us. Laugh…. That’s the truth; the industry will remain unshakable even without me.”

There is this believe that ‘behind every successful woman there must be a man’ when I asked Fati Ladan who is that man behind all her success in her acting career. She didn’t hesitate to say “Ali Nuhu, I enjoyed working under him, he’s a father, a brother, a friend, and in fact he’s such a darling and kind hearted person. He’s always willing to help me develop my career. May Allah reward him for that” Not only him, she also mentioned someone, a director and a gentleman. “Kamal S Alkali also played a vital role in my career; I have nothing to say to them but a big thank you all!”

Most of the actresses quit acting when they get married and later on venture into something related to filmmaking, like producing, scripting or any other related functions. Contrary to this, Ladan stated that; “if I leave the industry now, I will never ever return again. I will not do anything related to film. My intention is to take a very good care of my husband and may be to set a domestic business like selling of ladies wears, jewelleries and the likes. Honestly I have no intention of doing any other thing related to film in my matrimonial home.”

Many people consider filmmakers or actresses in particular as rotten tomatoes, considering the fact that Ladan’s husband is not a filmmaker or any entertainment related professionally. Therefore, I asked her how does his friends and family’s perception towards her- as an actress?

“Well, you know in every institution be it academic, religious or even entertainment there must be good ones as well as the bad ones. Here in kannywood will never be an exception, therefore I strongly believe we’ve all the categories I mentioned, and you can’t dismiss the fact that the bad ones spoiled everything and made people perceived as if there is no single decent person here. Let me tell you, my husband watched my movies and fell in love with me without seeing me face to face. When we met, he was impressed with my characters, his parents, his friends, his wife and kids like me as I am. What I want you to understand is, if I’m a bad person what do you think will happen? Is he going to introduced me to his parents or wife? Therefore the answer is clear, if you know yourself you can stand tall everywhere and people will see it in you.”

Fati Ladan like all other human being, she has some dreams and unfulfilled desires. “Human beings died without fulfilling their desires, I am not an exceptional. Although I can say I achieved the major one which is getting married. At this juncture, I prayed for a decent husband, God so kind here comes, Mr. Right and I’m grateful to Allah (SWA) for answering my prayer. That’s all abi?”

It’s hardly for a star actress like Fati Ladan to leave without missing some essential aesthetic atmosphere, events or moments she had during her stay in the industry. “Actually, I will miss a lot especially the whole kannywood crews; I enjoyed working with them throughout my career. I will also miss some moments like award receiving moments, you know in 2012 I was the best actress (Hausa) BON AWARDS, likewise the 2013 best supporting actress for same award. I will miss the ambassadorship title too; I was an mtn ambassador recently. But marriage is better than all! Despite the fact that I will miss all these, I’m sure marriage life is better than all as I said earlier.”

Finally to her fans this is what she said; “ I thank you for all the support and love shown to me during my time, I’ll remember you for these and I thank you ones again, without you my name will never be written where it was written now.”

Interviewed/translated by: Nura Abubakar
Twitter: @noorer
Phone number: 08077715325

10 thoughts on “Farewell to Kannywood- Fati Ladan

  1. Aslm. Amarya Fatima, Allah(SWT) Ya bada zaman lafiya, kwanchiyan hankali, zuri’a dayyaba, zaman hakuri, daraja, daukaka, da wadata. Allah Ubangijin ta’alikai Ya Albakaceku cikin Rahamar Sa. Amin Yarrabbi. Daka YUSUF Mustapha Aliyu Biu.

  2. wannan yayi daidai,dama ay komai da lokacin sa,duk da dai fati we will all miss u but keep this to ur knowing that u are my favourite actress even do u are no long in crew,our prayers still make us together as one,allah(s.w.a) ya bada zaman lafiya,da zuria nagari. ameen suma ameen!

  3. Fati iz d 1 ov my best actress in kannywood, u hav contribute alot,we wish u success and long evalasting marriage life with ur husband.

  4. oh fati ladan we surely going to miss u but i wish u al de best in ur marriage life….Allah ya barku tare…Ameen

  5. Fati Ladan is a rare gem. The very first time i watched her movie, i knew there was something honest, kind, gentle & sincere about her. And to date she never failed me. Am sure her hubby saw what i saw in her.
    From the bottom of my heart i wish her the very in her marriage and constant guidance from Rabbus Samawati.

  6. HML.Ina miki fatan alheri,Allah ya bada zama lfy da zuria dayyiba:Sannan ki sani zaman aure sai an yi hakuri.Dan Allah ki ba mara da kunya.Kiyi koyi da yan matan film da suka yi aure basu fito ba.

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