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Touted by many as the next big thing. The future looks bright and shiny for the young Rahma Sadau. Interviewing her was more like having a conversation with a friend. Rahma is what one wishes every celebrity was- friendly and down to earth. Dubbed the sizzling siren, Rahma’s been notching up hits as if she were picking up flowers in a garden. We catch up with her for a quick chat, and this is how it went:

Q. Tell us about Rahma Sadau..

Rahama Ibrahim Sadau is my name. But I’m using Rahma Sadau and I’m popularly known as Priyanka. I was born in Kaduna and that is where I live. I’m currently a student of Business Administration at Kaduna Polytechnic.

Q. How did you find yourself in Kannywood?

Acting has been my dream for a very long time, but I didn’t have the opportunity until I met Ali Nuhu who shaped my skeptism and showed me a way, and here I am.

Q. You’ve been the lead actress already in some of the movies you did, what’s the secret?

(Laughs) I think that’s my destiny to start leading films, not from the minor roles.

Q. Some actors go through a lot of difficulties before landing such big roles. That wasn’t the case with you, should it be attributed to your talent?

They (producers) have their reasons for giving me those roles. Some of them wanted a new face and some believed I was fit for the roles. Either way, it is my destiny to have a strong start.

Q. How is acting alongside Ali Nuhu?

Oh! It’s a dream come true. I almost cried the first day I acted alongside him. I was thinking, is this really me acting alongside Ali Nuhu? Subhanallah! It was a great feeling and he was very supportive and helpful: he showed me how to compose my self… Its great acting alongside him. I hardly slept that day.

Q. How would you describe your first day on shoot?

I was through a strong emotional ride, I was devastated by the confidence and expectation most people placed on me: would I justify it or disappoint them? What if I wasn’t as good as they thought? I was overwhelmed by fear that subsided on realization that I was actually fit to deliver.

Q. What makes you think you can do it?

The feeling that if some people have done this, I could also do it. I watch a lot movies, which make me feel I can do even the things I’m not good at.

Q. What should people expect from your movies when they start coming out?

I won’t disappoint them insha Allah.

Q. What changes in your life after becoming an actress

So many things have changed really: I don’t hang out and talk with half of the people I used to know; new people come in to my life: time becomes very limited and I hardly go out the way I used to. Things have changed that I wonder sometimes if this is really me.

Q. Do you feel like a star already?

(Laugh) I always feel like a star. I have been carrying this ambition and I believed I would achieve stardom one day. I use to see actors like Priyanka and Angelina as my equals. I always see my self as a star.

Q. You are tutored by some as Kannywood’s next biggest actress

(Giggles) That’s a new one. There are bigger actors ahead of me. But you know, that’s what I’m hoping for insha Allah.

Q. We’ve heard you speaking Hindi fluently, have you ever been there?

I have never been to India. I speak the language because I watch a lot of Bollywood movies. I also communicate a lot with some people in Hindi

Q. Why do people call you Priyanka?

Because of that bollywood actress Priyanka Chopra. When people saw the way I love her, they decided to call me Priyanka. I didn’t ask them to. Now you just have to say ‘Priyanka’ if you are really looking for me.

Q. What do you want to achieve as an actress?

Well, I have been thirsty for long. All I want is to act, to quench my thirst and I will get married eventually inshaAllah

Q. …..So marriage plans are imminent I reckon

(Laugh) I wouldn’t say ‘imminent’. Though it’s everyone’s plan. I will marry when the time comes.

Q. Are you single?

Yes. I am single.

Q. So you’re saying Rahma Sadau doesn’t have a boyfriend?

Rahma Sadau doesn’t have a boyfriend. Infact, Rahma is afraid of merging her career with love. Although someday it would happen. The point is, there bound to be problems if I am to merge my career with love. My boyfriend may not even believe me when I say I’m going to a shoot or when he saw me acting a love scene in the movies. We would end up fighting all the time and it would affect my career. Being in a relationship is not a priority at this point. I’d rather focus on my work right now.

Q. What’s the most important lesson that you’ve learnt about love?

I think love has that ability of influencing your life in to something. I’ve learnt a lot. Love has taught me how to talk, how to be myself and how live with people.

Q. Can you call yourself fashionable?

Well, I’d let people to decide.

Q. Which kind of clothing do you prefer?

I love wearing native Hausa dress, English wears and Indian dresses. I prefer the native Hausa dress.

Q. What would I find in Rahama’s fridge?

(Giggles) Water

Interview By: Ibrahim Umar Bello
Twitter: @aaramz

60 thoughts on “I Always Feel Like A Star- Rahma Sadau

  1. Rahama tauraruwa mai haskaka duniya masoyinki kuma maikaunarkine mai muradinki daga lafia inaso ki tabbatar min da naku kauna daku yan film kuke wa masoyan don ni na haukace inasonki ina kaunarki amma bansan yayane xamu gana yau Allah ya nunamin na har abada Nazeer Nasbee4real ga numba ta ki kira don soyayyarki da ma’aiki (saw) 07062244579

  2. Before I read RAHMA IBRAHIM SADAU biography/interview, I hate her and don’t even whant to hear her name but now am confortable with her explanation. now I will watch her film, photos and even music she mimed.

    Have a nice day

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