Filmmakers these days are finding it difficult to convince audience that Adam A Zango is still an irresistible Kannywood star capable of pursuing mainstream success. All they need is NI DAKE MUN DACE, one of the star’s most essential and captivating big-screen experience in recent years, and may be ever. He shows that he still has plenty of magnetism and charisma left, earning laughs with both verbal timing and physical humor. NI DAKE MUN DACE brings back the star we missed more than we might have thought.

NI DAKE MUN DACE has been a long-awaited film for several reasons. First, the industry is drowning in real romantic movies. Second, it has been the case over the years that the only productions capable of out-matching FKD productions in romantic genres are FKD themselves. Most important, however, is Adam A Zango’s long run of shabby films: what would NI DAKE MUN DACE do to fix that exhausting trend. With so much resting on the shoulders of the movie, it seems almost impossible that the film should collapse under the weight of these expectations. Rest assured!!! NI DAKE MUN DACE takes these expectations as a catapult to soar into the land of classic romantic cinema.

NI DAKE MUN DACE is not a film with deep message though it brings issues such as single parenting, loss of childhood illusions, the necessity of following your dreams, etc. People need jokes to laugh at and reasons to smile. NI DAKE MUN DACE is a pure entertainment- a pure escapist cinema at its best. Too much is at stake for the film and its talismanic hero. The film prefers remaining a feel-good fare, a visual feast in every frame no matter the mood on the screen. Even the first scene, the love-at-first-sight scene between Adam A Zango and Fati Ladan doesn’t gel with realism of our world but gives way to some beautiful moment.

The movie isn’t perfect, and maybe not even as well-executed as the productions’ bigger projects but in its strongest moments- and in that flawless first hour- it comes pretty close. What every love story needs is a terrific lead character, a beautiful world and genuine moments of wonder. Adam A Zango is outstanding; rest of Performances remain strong and attractive; the colourful set, and the impeccable cinematography that is awesome whenever it has freedom to be make up a beautiful world; the script filled with sweet dialogue and the directing that is stylish and having a good script sense create moments of genuine wonder. Yet those triumphs do not create a perfect story but a perfect romance. Yes, the story is not deep nor is it trying to be, and for a love story that’s just the point. Love story doesn’t require a complex story…. It requires that you create on-screen chemistry between your lead actors.

It is criminal that Zaharadeen Sani is such a small part of the movie, but that might be the price paid by the star vehicle- if Zaharadeen were around too much longer, Adam A Zango would definitely no longer be the main attraction. I hope he benefits from FKD experience as benefitted by many of the industry’s most important figures.

NI DAKE MUN DACE is not just about itself or the story it narrates, it is about FKD’s flight that sets the template for filmy romance over decade. It is daring in exploring man-woman relationship. The woman is straight out of planet FKD, too stunning as only Fati Ladan can be. The man is innocent, cute, intelligent and refreshing and he is bound to leave you with a smile on your face that will stretch from ear to ear- very much like the film is starring.

FKD Productions are truly the home of family entertainers. Ali Nuhu and his team have created a world almost tangible, place wonders inside and bless it with “again and again” rewatchabilty. All we can do is sit back, relish it and be grateful.

Reviewed by: Anas Abdullahi
Twitter: @a9united1

39 thoughts on “Review: ADAM A ZANGO brings NI DAKE MUN DACE to life

  1. I have said it and will continue to say it, Ali Nuhu is the best among the rest when it comes to film industry, his shadows are invisible to his counterpart. He has reached a level where no actor/actress has ever reached in the history of Film Industry in Nigeria. So keep it up bro, Allah is with you.

  2. Everything around or rather about Ni Da Ke Mun Dace is super unique. The director, one of the best Kannywood has at the moment, The crew is not just the best the industry has at the moment but the superstars the industry won’t have their equal in the near future.. Ali is always wonderful. His works are always meaningful and good if we don’t intend comparing his with others, but if at all we have to compare, then Ali’s works are the best for now.

  3. F.K.D has surpase any other film production company in the hausa movie industry. Keep it up brother, Allaah is with you all.

  4. Well… Its often a kudos 2 FKD production, and definitely I know Nidake Mun Dace wil b a blast movie 2 dah viewers, bravo!!!

  5. Absolutely it’s wel film nd gain lot’s of crew, jinler, editor nd wel secren players in such a way dat has it’s paramount nd shl be awarded.

  6. Ni Da Ke Mun Dace is d most awaited epic of d moment with highly emotional saga which is cinematographed and directed by whizzkid director Ali Nuhu.

  7. Ni Da Ke Mun Dace is d most awaited epic of d moment with highly emotional saga which is cinematographed and directed by d multiple award winning actor Ali Nuhu.

  8. I looking a story is very nice strory why because the film is fantasy too .me I looking a next coming copy 3-4

  9. Adam A Zango has always been a force to reckoned with in the movie industry going by his versatility in show biz….am not surprise at all coz i know his best is yet to come as he has alot to offer in future….the film is too captivating…and a blockbuster indeed..Cheers Man

  10. Adam A. Zango the prince of the present time. Indeed you know what people needs most. We hope you win the best actor award in the nearest future. Oga Abuja my name sake…. NI DAKE MUN DACE FAH

  11. This is the film of year,bcos it come with adventageos message 2our people and then entertaint people to watch another like this. So my actor plz release 3/4 soon, im congratulate 2 awardtiful actor of the year in Dubai. sô May Allah grant you succeed 2 achieve yôur benefit aims in yôur life,Ameen!

  12. though am yet to grab the copy of the home of family entertainers(fkd) most awaited love saga, bt am optimistic that it wll be the best of its kind. Thumbs up to the king ali nuhu 4 the job well done and Anas 4 the review.

  13. Truely Adam A. Zango is the prince of the present time. He even deserved the 2013 best actor award though its given to his boss Ali Nuhu. We hope for him to win it in the future.

    NI DAKE MUN DACE also will be the best film of recent years. Thanks to Sarki Ali Nuhu

  14. I hope Nidake mun dace 3&4 will soon back with the end of evill engaged, and i wish “kanny wood” forward ever.

  15. Obiousely d film make me very exciting & more interesting 2 d core but I have not seen D Betrant kanny wood Actor ie ALI NUHU why?

  16. Well writen Mr Anas Abdallahi, this is exactly what is expected from film makers, people expect to see their best.! NIDA KE MUN DACE is extreamly fabulous, the movie paid attension to details.. KUDOS Ali Nuhu.

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