Production: SAIRA MOVIES.
Producer: Nazifi Asnanic.
Cast: SadiQ Sani SadiQ, Zaharadeen Sani, Sadiq Ahmad, Hadiza Gabon, Al’amin Buhari and others.
Director: AMINU SAIRA.
Release Date: N/A

SAIRA MOVIES have always been a subject of relentlessly dubious advance buzz. JAMILA DA JAMILU and GA DUHU GA HASKE were redeemers of faith. DAN MARAYAN ZAKI emerged with technical breakthrough. MALIKA was a sensational entertainment. LAMIRAJ addresses a technological phenomenon in Islamic terms. And now, SAIRA MOVIES, a production governs by the code of ethics “films and audience must interact, for neither can exist without either”, in its attempt to form an idealised society returns with a movie having love story at its core DAGA NI SAI KE.

Heart-felt performances of cast portraying a story full of emotionally alive moments have always being the centre of SAIRA MOVIES’ focus. DAGA NI SAI KE, in perfect conformity with the trend, delivers plenty of that inspired partly by YAKUBU M KUMO’s script so human and true to life, and partly by AMINU SAIRA’s direction capable of portraying headache so realistic.

DAGA NI SAI KE is a multi-dimensional story teller full of dilemma and conflicts that will delve you into realism, fantasy and messiness of romance in a coherent plot through convincing story twists, suspenseful setup blended with powerful messages and still remains within the realms of believability. DAGA NI SAI KE brings a concept one wouldn’t dare kannywood across with.

DAGA NI SAI KE has four expertly crafted lead characters that struggle with their individual obligation; Sadiq Sani Sadiq is an optimistic student whose family’s financial end is dead and who believes that if you are passionate and devoted to your dream, success will come. He shoulders his family’s dream. Sadiq Ahmad is a doctor whose service and integrity is heavily applauded. He is blessed with both grace and intelligence. Zaharadeen Sani was born with a silver spoon and morally unbalanced. He gets what he always wants. Hadiza Gabon is infectiously beautiful and rationally in-place. She is disciplined and gracious.

The four embedded lead characters, complemented by supporting characters such as Al-Amin Buhari, Tijjani Faraga, Hajara Usman Hadiza Muhammad etc, take you into breathtaking moments of wonders and unexpectations. DAGA NI SAI KE is a feast for both ears and eyes, an expression of AMINU SAIRA’s gifts and visions, a hugely rewarding experience: rich, soulful and exciting in a way that only comes from seeing a master at work.

Written by: Anas Abdullahi
Twitter: @a9united1


31 thoughts on “PREVIEW: DAGA NI SAI KE

  1. i cant wait to watch this movie ..Aminu Saira u are woow…… in love with hausa movies especially urs cos is de best among de rest…i wish a ghanaian wil be allowed to join kannywood cos i really want to be an actress only for kannywood …wish u al de best ….and thanks once again for ur gud work…..stay bless

  2. I am eager to watch this film because the movie contain the whole of my stars; hadiza gabon, sadiq sani sadiq and my most comfort actor Zahradeen Sani ona() to me I called him mister Ona , and also my super brilliant director ; Aminu saira

  3. I watched the trailer of Aminu Saira’s “DAGA NI SAI KE” it’s really a higher development Kannywood achieved, with Aminu Saira the Hausa Film Industry it’s now reaching the climex of a film industry in the world, becouse interm of the quality picture of the movie, sound and location. Shows that there is advancemant in the Industry, I wish the director Aminu Saira all the best!

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