Although somebody’s enjoyment of a movie need not to be informed by any reasonable message the movie passes but by movie’s ability to entertain, NAS isn’t only short of the two departments but completely absent in them. Some movies are hard to make sense of. Others are just nonsense, NAS ticks both boxes.

The movie is an aggressively commercial franchise that not only undermine the entire kannywood industry by reference to when accreditation of the industry takes place due to its budget and long queue of audience but also made fool out of people considering how tied the movie kept us waiting .

Are we gradually pushed back to the era when movies were produced for the sake of production? Are we losing that confidence some icons have fought so tirelessly to restore after completely being tarnished? Personally, I am not so impressed with the industry’s recent release, with the exception of few. If you can’t perfect a story, don’t start it. Story such as NAS’ is often poorly realized in Bollywood not to talk of Kannywood. It is Hollywood’s league.

It doesn’t only affect the confidence people have in the industry but also the industry’s societal image. Somebody still holding on to the notion that the industry inherits its supposedly gone-over pre-Hiyana habit of promoting negative behaviours need no further proof away fron NAS. Their waiting-to-be-ignited excitement takes effect immediately. Why? Because that’s the only sense he could drive out of the senseless movie. The criticism well-wishers wish is a past thing.

Clarity is one language the movie doesn’t speak, direction is another. What is the genre? Is it crime fiction centering NAS’ gangs’ cocaine deals OR an adventure of NAS’ rise from a spoilt kid to an unrepentant drug addict OR a suspense thriller of re-emergence of Raliya, 12 years after she was molested and supposedly gotten rid of by NAS OR a tragedy of a young girl who was raped and denied her right. Everything is jumbled up together.

The genuinely strangest thing about the movie is that, it is almost character-less. The entire movie revolves around a character, no more other characters to explore. Even the only character isn’t distinct; there is something shaky about it. Is NAS a powerful, brainless, vicious thug or smart, manipulatively-brained international drug pusher? The problem with the former is that, except NAS has fought Nigerian government, established his own government and irrational rules, he can’t be kidnapping girls in the middle of the city with people every where without slightest police trail nor teensy, weeny concern from the public. And the movie should have concentrated on his boyish mischeviousness. The problem with the latter set up is that no single intelligent act shows NAS’ mastery of his dirty business. And again, what are those men sweating in suits for? If NAS is a thug, those men would be too corporate for his liking. If he’s an intelligent drug pusher, they are supposed to add intellect to his enterprises rather than being shameless servants. And besides, aren’t brainy criminals supposed to be as invisible as possible?

Many things have contributed immensely in forming NAS’ un-elaborated setup full of set backs, Plot takes the cake. Plot is a series of events that make up a story relating to one another in a sequence through cause and effect. NAS whisper-thin in the plot department. The scenes are thoroughly and completely independent of one another. The word “lame” is the right word in this field. The apparent desire and fantasy of the lead actor for power jumped from reality in to the film ruining everything. NAS should only satisfy the planet of boys and girls to whom it preaches.

Another thing that makes it fall flat is it’s inability to arouse any emotion to the psyche of the audience. There are virtually no jokes, no surprises, sympathy etc. Why? Because the movie fails to connect the viewers to the characters or events in the world of the screen. It ends up fusing two kinds of emotions: sadness and fear. Sadness of the two hours it wastes desperately trying to tell a tale in what I can call a plot-less story. Fear because people are scared of enduring similar endurance, people are afraid of the sequel.

Real acting is impossible to spot. Great actors express emotions as freely as they can. Adam A Zango that people used to know falls into that category. Adam can momentarily make you forget you are watching someone acting but someone undergoing an experience. What people see in NAS isn’t Adam but someone trying so hard to fit into a character he doesn’t thoroughly understand. That goes to most of the cast. Imagine the kind of expression Raliya gives when raped; she looks more like someone who just lost her phone. The cast look poorly motivated.

NAS isn’t only lacking ingredients necessary to make up a good movie but can’t disengage from faultiness too, adding to its boldly uninspired torrent. The arguably most exciting thing about the movie, the song, is inappropriately placed. Every bit of the song suggests romance between two lovers promising commitment. Why do NAS and Samira perform the song? That my brain can’t understand. We are made to believe that the two are strictly business partners. NAS even said somewhere in the movie that his heart is emotionally wiped out. The idea of NAS singing love song to a lady is inconceivable. There is another scene between NAS’ father and mother that totally gets me off-balanced. It is a flashback of event in 2001. Television shows footballer Gerard Pique running in Barcelona Football Club jersey while the player actually joined the club in 2006. There is also a scene that shows NAS and his friends dancing to a song by Timaya “Sexy Ladies” before being interrupted by NAS’ mother. The event as it is in the movie is a 2001 event. The song in reality surfaced in 2010. The court scene also have the judge mention 2013 when the event, as it is in the movie happens in 2001. To mention but few.

There is one rule in life that applies to everything: use what you know, don’t worry about what you don’t know. There’s quite difference between filmmaking and acting. While the former is instinctive and intellectual, the latter is physical and mechanical. Everybody can produce a film but it should be more than good cars, muscular men and gorgeous men and women. A film must have an idea, narrative structure and a cast. Otherwise, one ends up having something that isn’t only far from reality but completely detached. NAS is evident.

Generally, films are subjective- what you like and what you don’t like. But one thing that is unifying is the idea that the movie don’t exist to serve any interest but for the audience. I think it is unfair for the industry and audience to make a movie not for anyone but you.

Movie: NAS
Production: Prince Zango Nigeria Limited
Cast: Adam A Zango, Maryam A.B, Mustapha Naburaska, Umar M Sharif
Producer: Tahir I Tahir
Director: SadiQ Mafia

Rating: 3/10

By: Anas Abdullahi
Twitter: @a9united1

28 thoughts on “NAS REVIEW: Setback For New Kannywood; Senseless To Audience.

  1. Yes, your review is half way, because you didn’t look at the technical production of the movie. The camera work, the editing, the sound, the lightening, the settings. C’mon bros kilode? You too harsh… OoO,

  2. ur review is very sorry 2say..wen it koms 2 hausa movies..thres no perfect movie wit a perfect u jst hav 2 try..go and watch some of salman khan’s hit movies,dey are all movies wit a senseless story played by a dumb actor..and dey sale..secondly,u neva critisize ali nuhu’s movie..sorry 2say kos i knw wat i’ll say will hurt u…i fynd adam zango a complete actor dan ur paid master.finally..i agreed wit mst ur point on NAS..he shld hav mek it more matured and contructive.

  3. paid analyst, there was never a time you criticise the mesmerises of Ali madubin dubawa and zuri’a.what are the lessons or even entertainment in these films?

  4. I think Kannywood needs this kind of criticism to evolve.
    Bravo Anas Abdullahi. A. Zango should thank you if he could read your article and can
    identify what it is really about. Those who say that you have envy against Adam
    Zango do not understand it
    too. This is the first seen in movies Hausa

  5. Sincerely speakin d movie does nt make sense as a muslim bt d acting and directing are all gud bt dis movie truely clue.

  6. Even the song being played which maked the odience triumphed to buy the film was not seen at the first release!!

  7. I even lost appetite of the film though i downloaded it in my system but don’t have time to watch only hoping to have time to watch my long awaited hitted thriller.

  8. Whoever wrote this is no fool, even the grammar says so. The only thing is he didnt mention positive side of the film

  9. Guess will have to watch this NAS of a film to be convinced that there is no hatred between the makers and the critic. Have never read a review so harsh

  10. Nas is 1 of d best entertaining film I love to watch! d graphics d scenes d outfits are just amazing n so modernized its nt about being hausa den u must alwys do a movie containing d behaviours of our pple @least if u see d way dis our geneartion is we need to show dem youths how certain characters can lead dem to…pls try n say good about some1 or jst keep quiet if u dnt like it…cos a lot of hausa movies r baseless pointless and unentertaining @ ol den where were u wen ol was released A zango keep it up cos no1 is perfect only by trial u become so good.tnk you

    1. Say it loud n clear to the confusionists my sister. It seems some pple dont know wat a movie or film entails.

  11. The article is really amazing and parsonally I see it as a wake up call not an envy or jelous as some people posted ealier. NAS as a movie does not portray a culture of a typical hausa man. I am a fan of zango, ali nuhu and sadiq sani and I bought the movie NAS but I am disappointed in what I see and I don’t want to knw how the part 3 and 4 if there is any will look like. Greetings to Kannywoodscenes and Anas Abdullahi. Conclusively, RUWA CHIKIN CHOKALI YA ISHI MAI HANKALI WANKA

  12. A gaskiya ya kamata wanda suke rubuta labarai na film su sani cewa bawai duk mafarkin da kayi ko kuwa duk wata hayanir ka zaka kawo kace zaka maida ta film ba… Wato babbar matsalar itace kowa rige-rige ko ince tsere yake yaga yayi film ko don ya samu kudi ko kuwa yazama wani fitacce. Shawara ta anan shine ya kamata in kanada wani labari da kake ganin ya kai ya zama film ka samu kwararru a harkar/bangaren don su baka shawara ta gwanaye, hakan zai taimaka matuka wajen rage film’s din da basu da kai balle gindi. Irin wadannan shirman mun films suna nan dayawa a kasuwa. Ma rubuta labarai, directors, producers dama duk wanda abun ya shafa a dinga kula, inko ba haka ba…. Waccar Loyalty da aka samu aka dawo da ita a baya ta yan kallo fa in anyi wasa zata kara kubcewa.

    1. Wanda ya rubuta wannan abun wallahi baya san Adam a zango ne!,.. Hausafilms duka shirme ne!,. Films nawa alinuhu keyi kuma duk shirme ne!,. Kuma sani danja ma ai duk mashirmata ne!,. Amma don adam a zango yayi film kawai sai yayi ta bata mai film!,. Wannan be yi adalci ba!,. Bakin ciki yake mai,. Kuma Allah ya riga ya daga shi!,. Sai hakuri


  13. Movies like NAS, proves the level of film makers sensicality. I just hope such movie makers will comprehend the message in this educating post, so that they can relinquish from producing films like NAS and its like…

    That’s α good job Anas Abdullahi, cc @Kannywoodscene.

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